Saturday, 18 July 2015

Steve Bruce: An interview in tweets

If you missed Steve Bruce's interview with Radio Humberside's David Burns ahead of the North Ferriby United game, here are the highlights in tweet form:

* Not spoken to the owner since the name change decision. Seeing them on Thursday at board meeting.

* Hopes threats that have been made public don't come to fruition. (Threat to sell).

* Offered Rosenior and Quinn contracts last Christmas that they turned down.

* Four or five players have got buy-out clauses. Won't name them.

* "As long as I'm here I will make sure we have got players capable of mounting a challenge"

* "Pretty obvious" that we have to generate some funds.

* Didn't want to see Tom Ince got to Derby, made it clear to the owners, because in the Champ is a very, very good player

* Is the case that he has to raise some funds but doesn't commit to Burnsy's suggestion of £25m being required.

* Doesn't know what there is or isn't to spend until Thursday.

* Doesn't think the squad situation is desperate but believes we are 4 or 5 short in the squad.

* No bids for Chester. Categorically denies.

* 2 offers on the table. Turned down latest bid for Brady. N'Doye able to speak to Besiktas.

* Norwich "not quite" near the value we put on Brady.

* Told all of the squad that he won't deny them the opportunity to play in the PL but they know valuation must be met.

* Adamant that no-one will be sold on the cheap.

* Jelavic and Hernandez have got buy-out clauses. Wasn't naming them earlier!

* David Burns: More likely to get relegated than promoted. SB: "Absolute rubbish"

* Would consider his position if he didn't think we've got a chance to get promoted.

* Needs a "Young, fit, hungry" squad. Like starting again which is sad but have to get on with it.

* A lot can be done in three weeks. Quietly confident meeting on Thursday will be positive for everyone.

* JL had a hearing with the FA so Bruce believes, waiting on FA decision. Doesn't know when.

* I'm not certain but I thought he agreed with Burnsy that Chester has a buy out clause.

* Interestingly when SB talked about our full back options, he didn't mention Brady.

* I thought SB was as honest as ever, sounded frustrated with the situation but as upbeat as he could. He's being let down right now.

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