Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Assem Allam press conference: More questions than answers

Things Assem & I agree on:

He has a simple mind.

It is best the FA don’t allow teams to be called Red-bottomed FC.

He should ensure the club goes to a good home.

There are some backwards councilors in Hull.

He is not a “dictorial”. I’m not sure anyone is. Maybe whoevers job it is to think up new words?

Things I know are bullshit:

The official name of the club has not contained the word Tigers for 110 years. The company name has contained the word since 2000. No-one else in the world thinks the “official” name is Hull City Tigers apart from Assem Allam.

Arsenal Gunners is NOT different to Hull Tigers. It’s the same crime.

24 hours from December 1st or April 9th is not September 10th. No matter how many times you claim it is.

This is definitely related to his fall out with Hull City council – either directly or indirectly due to the stadium being out of his reach.

There is no “silent majority”. Only silence.

Changing a club’s 110 year old name is a misuse that the FA should protecting against.

Assem Allam does not have the money to make Hull City a top five club. I admire ambition but that is just crazy. Changing the name will not change that. In Ehab Allam’s wildest dreams, the name change is worth £10m per season. Or half a Manchester City substitute’s wife’s dog’s signing on fee.

The only instability at Hull City it that being caused by Assem Allam.

He will not give the club away. A £70m+ debt is not free.

There was no secret sponsor willing to pay £1m extra per season depending on the name change unless Assem Allam is calling his son a blatant liar?

Fans do not contribute financially to the club. Nonsense. We’ve paid a lot of money for a lot of years.

There are no Premier League clubs between Wigan and Rotterdam or Newcastle and Birmingham.

Things I couldn’t explain using Google, Siri or the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Where did David Burns get his jacket from?

Is it better to by fishing tackle or takeaway food? What if you don’t live near a lake?

What Nissan have got to do with anything? Are they the mystery sponsor?

If a tree falls in the KC Stadium on a non-matchday, would anyone hear it?

If not being a “global” club in the Premier League is unsustainable – how do the other 14 survive?

Would Red-bottomed FC wear shorts or just thongs?

If only the club “Hull City” is for sale, is he keeping the council?

Who would buy KFC from the KC Stadium on a non-matchday?

What IS the problem here?


  1. The Bottom line is AA needs to increase revenue streams, as you cannot sustain football on match day income alone, but he sees his opportunities/ideas to do this are denied and understandably is unwillingly to invest in the club further. he actually makes sense in his own non sensical way. he's 75 for god's sake, we all will be a bit crazy by then, but no where near as successful as AA.

  2. "It is not an anti-Allam song. It never has been. Because City Till We Die have never been an anti-Allam organisation. "

    yet the chairman has a hip flask like this ....

    Twitter / INDEPENDENT_MG: Been bought a new hip flask ... /455080832068501505
    12 Apr 2014 - Been bought a new hip flask for tomorrow from @LoobyMcD. .... full citation is: 9th April 2014 CTWD - NO TO HULL TIGERS “F*ck you Allam.

    time for the chairman to stand down