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English clubs by last major honour

This is a list of English league clubs (2012/13 season) showing the last major honour won.

50 of 92 clubs (54%) have never won a major honour.
39 of 92 clubs (42%) have never appeared in a major cup final.
83 of 92 clubs (90%) have not won a trophy in the last decade.
79 of 92 clubs (86%) have not won a trophy in the last 20 years.
Only 16 of 92 clubs (17%) have won a trophy more recently than Luton Town (Conference) and Wimbledon (Defunct) in 1988.
6 clubs' last trophy were League Championships.
Chelsea and Ipswich Town's last trophies were European cups.
Clubs marked with an asterisk (*) have won only one major trophy.
Clubs marked with a hash (#) have never won the league championship.

Hull City are the highest placed League club never to have won a major or minor trophy of any description (Wigan are two time League Trophy winners, Fulham won the Intertoto cup!).

Clubs listed by last major honour

Chelsea- 2012 Champions LeagueManchester City- 2012 League Title
Liverpool- 2012 League Cup
Manchester United- 2011 League Title
Birmingham- 2009 League Cup
Portsmouth- 2008 FA Cup
Spurs- 2008 League Cup
Arsenal- 2005 FA Cup
*Middlesbrough- 2004 League Cup
Blackburn- 2002 League Cup
Leicester- 2000 League Cup
Aston Villa- 1996 League Cup
Everton- 1995 FA Cup
Leeds United- 1992 League Title
Sheffield Wed- 1991 League Cup
Nottingham Forest- 1990 League Cup
*Coventry- 1987 FA Cup
*Oxford- 1986 League Cup
Norwich City- 1985 League Cup
Ipswich- 1981 UEFA Cup
#West Ham- 1980 FA Cup
Wolves- 1980 League Cup
*Southampton- 1976 FA Cup
Derby County- 1975 League Title
Sunderland- 1973 FA Cup
*Stoke- 1972 League Cup
Newcastle- 1969 Fairs Cup
*Swindon- 1969 League Cup
WBA - 1968 FA Cup
*QPR- 1967 League Cup
Burnley- 1960 League Title
#Bolton- 1958 FA Cup
*Blackpool- 1953 FA Cup
*Charlton- 1947 FA Cup
Preston- 1938 FA Cup
*Cardiff- 1927 FA Cup
Huddersfield - 1926 League Title
Sheffield Utd- 1925 FA Cup
*Barnsley- 1912 FA Cup
*Bradford- 1911 FA Cup
Bury- 1903 FA Cup
*Notts County- 1894 FA Cup

Clubs without a major honour listed by last near miss

Wigan (Lost 2006 League Cup Final)
Millwall (Lost 2004 FA Cup Final)
Tranmere (Lost 2000 League Cup Final)
C.Palace (Lost 1990 FA Cup Final)
Oldham (Lost 1989 League Cup Final)
Watford (Lost 1984 FA Cup Final)
Brighton (Lost 1983 FA Cup Final)
Fulham (Lost 1975 FA Cup Final)
Rotherham (Lost 1961 League Cup Final)
Rochdale (Lost 1962 League Cup Final)
Bristol C (Lost 1909 FA Cup Final)

Clubs without a major honour or near miss listed by most notable achievement (split by division)

Reading (Championship winner 2012, Full Members Cup 1988)
Swansea (Championship Play-offs 2011, League Trophy 1994, 2006)

Hull (Championship Play-offs 2008)
Peterborough (League Cup Semi-finalist 1966)

MK (League Trophy 2008)
Bournemouth (Associate Members Cup 1984)
Brentford (League Trophy Runners-up 1985, 2001, 2011)
Carlisle (League Trophy 1997, 2011)
Colchester (League Trophy Runners-up 1997)
Crawley (Conference Champions 2011)
Crewe (Welsh Cup 1936, 1937)
Doncaster (League Trophy 2007)
Hartlepool (League One Play-off finalist 2005)
Orient (FA Cup Semi finalist 1978)
Scunthorpe (League One Champions 2007)
Shrewsbury (Third Division Champions 1979)
Stevenage (League Two Play-offs 2011)
Walsall (Division Two Play-offs 2001)
Yeovil (League Two Champions 2005)

Accrington (Conference Champions 2006)
Aldershot (Conference Champions 2008)
Barnet (Conference Champions 1991, 2005)
Bristol R (Third Division Champions 1990)
Burton (Conference Champions 2009)
Cheltenham (Division Three Play-offs 2002)
Chesterfield (League Trophy 2012)
Dag and Red (League Two Play-offs 2002)
Exeter (Third Division South Runners-up 1933)
Fleetwood (Conference Champions 2012)
Gillingham (Second Division Play-offs 2000)
Morecambe (Conference Play-offs 2007)
Northampton (Second Division Runners-up 1965)
Plymouth (FA Cup Semi-finalist 1984)
Port Vale (League Trophy 1993, 2001)
Southend (League One Champions 2006)
Torquay (League Trophy Runners up 1989)
Wimbledon (Conference Play-offs 2011)
Wycombe (FA Cup Semi-finalists 2001)
York (Third Division Promotion 1974)

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